Agha Moochool

Agha Moochool (1966)

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Agha Moochool – فیلم آقا موچول

Aqa Muchul is a stunner who amuses kids in their neighbourhood. He lives in a house which its landlord is Mirza Jabbar and their other renters are a man and his wife who live with their daughter. Aqa Muchul, who can’t afford to pay the rent anymore, decides to commit suicide, but the tenant guy stops him. Aqa Muchul gets to know pick-pocketing, and one day he finds a coat that had some money hidden in its sleeve’s lining. A bunch of people try to get their hands on the coat, but Aqa Muchul escapes away from them and gives the coat back to its owner, Mirza Jabbar. As a gratuity, Mirza Jabbar shows fortitude and proposes the renter’s daughter from her dad for Aqa Muchul.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Nosratollah Karimi

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