Aghaye Lor Be Shahr Miravad

Aghaye Lor Be Shahr Miravad (1977)

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Aghaye Lor Be Shahr Miravad – فیلم آقای لر به شهر میرود

In a village in Kermanshah, Gholi dies struggling with his enemies, or at least people think so. Gholi’s sister, Batool, who is now alone, goes to Tehran to live with her aunt but she doesn’t find her. Soon she falls in the hands of a bunch of bad guys. Gholi, who isn’t really dead, starts looking for his sister. He finds out that his sister is working for a man named Yadollah who runs a casino. Yadollah denies knowing Batool but Gholi gets him arrested and saves his sister.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Amir Shervan

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