Balaye Shaher Payeene Shahr

Balaye Shaher Payeene Shahr (2002)

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Balaye Shaher Payeene Shahr – فیلم بالای شهر پایین شهر

Davood is a young musician and a singer who lives a simple life with his wife, Mojgan, and his young child. Their landlord protests because of the noise they make. That’s why they start to seek for another place and ask the landlord to give them enough time so they could find a house, but the landlord refuses and decides to evict the house. As a result, a struggle arises between the landlord and mojgan that leads to the landlord’s death. Mojgan goes to jail for the charge of murder and becomes sick and goes to the hospital. Davood’s efforts to find a document as a bail for the release of mojgan turns out futile. Unfortunately, Mojgan dies because of her illness. In the hospital, Dr. Maryam Akhavan points out that Mohgan’s illness was due to AIDS through infected blood and calls on Davood to test him and his child. Davood resists; so Maryam picks up his son from the kindergarten to test and take him to the orphanage. Because Davood and his wife grew up in an orphanage, he does not have a good view towards there, so he appeals to violence and force to get his child back. Davood’s fight with orphanage officials leads to the police involvement. But he takes the kids and the authorities as hostages. His only request is to leave the nursery with his son but an struggle arises and he is shot dead.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Akbar Khamin

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