Bede Dar Raahe Khoda

Bede Dar Raahe Khoda (1971)

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Bede Dar Raahe Khoda – فیلم بده در راه خدا

A wealthy head of household is so stingy that he has made everyone hate him. He gets sick and his family send him on a trip. He has an accident and rumor spreads that he is dead, when he is actually alive and has only lost his memory. Some time later, a peasant goes to the wealthy family who looks a lot like the head of the household. The family welcomes him thinking that he has forgotten everything because of the accident. He fixes the problems in his way and the family is satisfied. At the same time, the wealthy man who has recovered returns home. He has now completely changed.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Mehdi Soheili

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