Dar Akharin Lahzeh

Dar Akharin Lahzeh (1973)

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Dar Akharin Lahzeh – فیلم در آخرین لحظه

A famous cabaret owner sends his younger brother to Madrid in order to sign him a contract with a Spanish artist group, He is responsible for keeping her younger brother’s beloved in his absence. But soon he falls in love with the girl and the girl likes him too. It’s been a long time since they haven’t heard from the younger brother. So they decide to get married, But at the same time, he returns from Spain. But much to their surprise, he declares his satisfaction with their marriage, The girl pursues the story and finds out a truth: It turns out that the younger brother has lost one of his hands and one of his feet in an accident, and he refused to marry her beloved because he didn’t want to make life difficult for her.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Ahmad Najibzadeh

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