Farar Az Zendegi

Farar Az Zendegi (1972)

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Farar Az Zendegi – فیلم فرار از زندگی

Roya become friend with Keyvon and she brings him to addiction and gamble .Kevon loses all his fortune. After being rejected by his friends, he takes part in a robbery with Sam who suddenly enters Keyvan’s life. During the robbery, Keyvan accidentally hurt the butler of the house and escaped. Keyvan and Sam hid in an old man’s house where Keyvan falls in love with the old man’s daughter, Senobar, who is a cabaret singer. Senobar helps Keyvan to quit drugs and that’s when Sam leaves Keyvan and report his hideout to the police. Keyvan manages to convince the police that he’s innocent and they start to search for Sam. When the police and Keyvan finally locate Sam, Keyvan realizes that everything was a plan made by his friends.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Habibollah Kasmai

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