Faryade Eshgh

Faryade Eshgh (1977)

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Faryade Eshgh – فیلم فریاد عشق

Despite her greedy father’s wish to get her married to a wealthy man, Goli marries Ali, a naive, poor young man. Ali heads for Tehran in order to find a suitable job. On the way, he has an accident and is hospitalized. Goli who does not receive a news from Ali, decides to go to Tehran to look for him, and thus they lose each other. She gives birth to a girl who she names Zari, and works hard to take care of her. Years later, Ali has become the owner of a big factory and Goli owns a Tailor House. Zari accidentally meets Ali and they become intrested in each other, until he goes to propose her and the truth is revealed.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Jamshid Sedaghat Nejad

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