Ghahveye Tork

Ghahveye Tork (2023)

Episode 18
Time: 40 - 60 Min Country:

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serial ghahve tork

Ghahve tork is an Iranian home show series in the drama genre, directed by Alireza Amini and written by Mohammad Rezaei Rad, based on a design by Naghme Samini and Mohammad Rezaei Rad. This series started to be broadcast in 1402 on Filmnet internet network. Among the actors of this series, we can mention Hamed Behdad, Sara Rasulzadeh, Amir Jafari, Mojtabi Pirzadeh, Mohammad Walizadegan, Amir Nowrozi, Bahare Kianafshar, Shahrokh Fortunian, Erfan Naseri, Sajjad Tabesh, Farid Sajjadi Hosseini and Payam Ahmadinia in the series Ghahve tork.

Summary of ghahve tork

The story is about a young girl named Taneh (Sara Rasulzadeh). She, who is a nurse and also performs street music, loses her job due to a complaint (the death of a patient) but…

ghahveye tork

The pre-production stages of this series started in March 1400, and after selecting the actors and reading the script, in late June 1401, its filming began. In Ghahve tork, Alireza Amini has brought the screenplay of Naghmeh Samini and Mohammad Rezaei Rad in front of the camera, each of them have done successful works in their careers.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Mohammad Rezaee Rad

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