Gholam Zhandarm

Gholam Zhandarm (1971)

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Gholam Zhandarm – فیلم غلام ژاندارم

Dash Gholam is a professional gunman and is wishing to become a gendarme. He takes care of a rebel’s son named Gorg. He’s also taking care of a girl who Gorg’s son is in love with her. Dash Gholam pretends that he likes the girl and wants to marry her, whereas in reality he wants the two to get married. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gorg attacks Dash Gholam’s house and kidnaps his son and the girl. He rapes the girl and his son runs back to Dash Gholam. Gholam is hurt badly while struggling with Gorg. In the last moments, Gorg’s son who has become a gendarme comes to the rescue.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Soheila Nasr

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