Ghomare Zendegi

Ghomare Zendegi (1972)

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Ghomare Zendegi – فیلم قمار زندگی

Delkash, the famous singer whose car falls into a valley because of her brother-in-law’s scheming (as he’s the head of a major gang), appears to be dead. Her two daughters were also nearly assassinated; however, the older daughter’s fiance saves them both. The younger girl goes through a great deal of shock and loses her eyesight. After a while, the members of the gang get arrested and Delkash, who’s still alive but had been hidding for a while, reunites with her family. Once her daughter hears her mother’s melodious voice, she goes through one more strong wave of shock and regains her vision.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Abbas Kasayi

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