Ghorboone Zane Irooni

Ghorboone Zane Irooni (1973)

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Ghorboone Zane Irooni – فیلم قربون زن ایرونی

The CEO of a company goes through a heart attack, and a trustworthy young man is selected as his successor. He goes to London to take part in a conference. The company’s vice president and managers try to devaluate him by hiring a woman to distract him. The young man who has no interest in his wife goes out with the woman. During the conference, he makes some effective notes, and their plot fails; so they decide to kill him. His wife comes to help him and makes the criminals get arrested; so they begin a new life together.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Habibollah Kasmai - Mansour Sepehrnia

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