Hamisheh Gahraman

Hamisheh Gahraman (1972)

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Hamisheh Gahraman – فیلم همیشه قهرمان

Shabdiz who is the owner of a real estate agent puts an old employee of his called Abbasali in jail for the charge of theft. Abbasali has a little daughter called Nazi. She has an acute heart illness and has to go through a surgery as soon as possible. Shabdiz has two sons, Qasem and Amir. In terms of moral characteristics, Qasem is just like his father but Amir is exactly on the opposite side. He wants to help and save Nazi. The two brothers love a girl called Shirin. She is aware of Amir’s intention to help the little girl so she gets interested in him. Thus Qasem gets jealous and does any tricks to keep Shirin away from Amir. At the end, Amir succeeds to provide the money for Nazi’s surgery and marries Shirin.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Azizolah Bahadori

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