Hatam Taee

Hatam Taee (1966)

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Hatam Taee – فیلم حاتم طلایی

Guran Khan wants to to ask Puneh, the daughter of Hatam, to marry Abbas. Puneh asks his father to give her ten days of opportunity so that she can find her husband herself. Her cousin, Sharareh, is helping her. One day, their car breaks down while they are on the road.. They ask Jalal, the blacksmith and his apprentice, Ahmad to help them.. In order to know Jalal better, Puneh and Sharareh walk into the cafe where jalal frequents .Pooneh declares her love for Jalal. Hatam under the name Farrokh Nowzar go to meet Hatam to ask for Pooneh’s hand.,but Hatam rejects him.Jalal is upset with Pooneh and leaves her. Puneh runs away from home and goes to Jalal’s mother. Hatam goes to Jalal and implores him to accept a three-million-tooman check and relinquish his daughter. Jalal rips the check right in front of Hatam. Hatam who has been influenced by his action, goes to her daughter, tells her the truth and sends her toward Jalal.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Mohamad Ali Fardin

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