Homaye Saadat

Homaye Saadat (1971)

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Homaye Saadat – فیلم همای سعادت

Aram meets an Indian girl called Shirin and falls in love with her. He knows that his mother is still clinging to the costumes of the family, so he acts according to the plan of his brother, Naser, and introduces Shirin as a daughter of a Maharajah. The truth is revealed and the mother drives Shirin away by various tricks. Aram who thinks that Shirin has left him, marries Nazanin by his mother’s advice. Nazanin who is a careless and easygoing woman, makes Aram indifferent soon while they have a child called Ramin. Ramin becomes friend with Shirin’s son (Reza) at school. Naser who is pursuing Shirin all the time, finds out about the truth and tells it to Aram. Nazanin comes to herself and tries to keep her life intact, but she fails and dies in a car accident. After that, Shirin and Aram begin their common life.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Kaushal Bharati - Som Haksar - Gulshan Jalalabadi

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