Kolbeye Ansooye Roodkhaneh

Kolbeye Ansooye Roodkhaneh (1971)

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Kolbeye Ansooye Roodkhaneh – فیلم کلبه ای آن سوی رودخانه

After seeing some histrionics, Faranak leaves her lover, Bijan, and decides to kill herself but is survived by Hossein Gabi. Bijan’s father is gossiping about Faranak, and Bijan thinks that Faranak has left him so he meets another girl. Hossein Gabi falls in love with Faranak but before he expresses his love, Faranak has left his house and becomes a nurse taking care of an old man. After some time, Bijan finds out about the truth and tries to find Faranak. He finally finds her having a child from him.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Manochehr Motyie - Ahmad Shirazi

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