Majerajooyane Khashen

Majerajooyane Khashen (1974)

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Majerajooyane Khashen – فیلم ماجراجویان خشن

Mahmoud and Sadegh rescue a girl, named Mahnaz, from drowning. In order to appereciate them, Mahnaz finds jobs for them in her father’s factory. The friendship among the two friends and Mahnaz evolves more and more; however, that is against Mahnaz’s cousin’s wish. Thereby, her cousin starts acting against the two friends and causes them to be fired. Thereafter, Mahmoud and Sadegh do not give up their pursuits and they find out about Mahnaz’s cousin’s sinister intention and his plots. Then, they manage to impede him from fulfilling his intentions. Mahnaz’s father becomes aware of these issues, hence he invites Mahmoud and Sadegh again to work in his factory.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Mehdi Raeis Firooz

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