Moshkele Aghaye Etemad

Moshkele Aghaye Etemad (1977)

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Moshkele Aghaye Etemad – فیلم مشکل آقای اعتماد

E’temaad loses his company and all of his fund because of signing the promissory notes of his runaway friend. Meanwhile, his sister, after her husband’s death, comes to Tehran with her daughter, Zhaaleh, after years of living abroad. In this situation, a young guy named Manoochehr threatens E’temaad using the problems he has, and plays the role of his son. As time passes, E’temaad’s financial problems are gradually solved with the presence of the girl. However, soon after that, he has to deal with a new trouble. His niece is head over heels for Manchooher. E’temaad tries many ways to keep Manoochehr out of Zhaaleh’s life, but he fails each time. Until Zhaaleh realizes everything and inevitably removes Manoochehr from hers and her family’s life. Zhaaleh gets into a bad mental state and gets ill. After a while, E’temaad personally goes to see Manoochehr, who now has a totally different personality than before, and returns him back into his life.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Milad

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