Navvab (1972)

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Navvab – فیلم نواب

Navab’s mother is too old to go on a pilgrimage, so she decides to send Haj Fathollah instead. Haj Fathollah has a young daughter called Fereshteh. He is worried about her daughter so he refuses to leave her. In order to relieve him, Navvab’s mother asks him to marry Fereshteh. Navvab has already met a girl and is in love with her; so he asks his best friend Habib to marry Fereshteh. Then Navvab keeps searching for the girl he met, and finally realizes that the girl was Fereshteh herself. Soon Habib realizes the story. Navvab doesn’t want to ruin Fereshteh and Habib’s life. So he asks Habib to keep the story as a secret and kills himself.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Habibollah Kasmai

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