Nokhaleh Ghahreman

Nokhaleh Ghahreman (1966)

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Nokhaleh Ghahreman – فیلم نخاله قهرمان

While fixing the machinery at a factory belonging to Mr. Dolatmand, a young mechanic named Farzin happens to meet Mr. Dolatmand’s daughter, Khatereh. Khatereh and Farzin soon fall in love, but Mr. Dolatmand gets his daughter married to a young man called Jimmy the engineer. Their marriage does not last so long, as Maria, the engineer’s lover, becomes more and more involved into their life. It paves the way for the marriage of Farzin and Khatereh, and they begin a happy life together.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Hossein Madani

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