Oosta Karim Nokaretim

Oosta Karim Nokaretim (1974)

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Oosta Karim Nokaretim – فیلم اوستا کریم نوکرتیم

A man becomes acquainted with a dancer. Later he falls in love with her and marries her. From then on, the dancer abandons her job and becomes a housewife. She has a son but she has not talked about him with her husband. The son occasionally visits her. The man suspects his wife because of these secret meetings. The cabaret owner who has lost a dancer also raises this suspicion. The misunderstanding goes on as far as the couple are on the verge of separation. Eventually, the reality is revealed. The man and the dancer begin a peaceful life together.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Parviz Khatibi

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