What is fashion?

Literally fashion means style and style Fashion is one of the most important and influential factors in the general public. This concept can affect all walks of life in a society, from diets to cover, mindset, exercise, and any cover or behavior that is called fashion at a specific time or place.

Figure1- Fashion


What is fashion?

It's not really a dress, it can be said to be a taste. The tastes of those who design designs and trends for the next year and their designs become a model for the production of authentic brand products, even though these few brands, stores and most goods do not help us to identify them.


Figure2- Fashion


Our nation's strong interest in buying foreign brands is not only about their better quality, but many domestic producers who produce higher quality products than foreign products but fail to sell.

Figure3- Fashion

The lack of importance to designers and designers on the one hand, and the lack of educational channels on the other, lowers the expectations of the general public, so that the brand, as most of its products are newly stocked in Iran, The brand is in the mass market and has the lowest level of design and taste in global markets.



We look for foreign brands because we know them to be tasteful, not tasted in domestic products.

Fashion represents the symbolic system and method of a country

Fashion is a language of signs and symbols that has the concepts of non-verbal communication about individuals and groups.

Figure4- Fashion

Fashion in all its forms, from a tattooed shape to the latest hairstyle, is the best way to showcase your identity. This helps us develop a quick understanding of ourselves for the people who see us.