SaAte FajeEh

SaAte FajeEh (1972)

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SaAte FajeEh – فیلم ساعت فاجعه

Sohraab and Taavus are head over heels for each other. The girl is from a wealthy family, so Sohrab’s father decides to break his promise and gamble one more time in order to get the money to throw a wedding party for his son, and so he does. Taavus’s brother, Khalil, kills him in a fight: Sohrab is determined to take revenge but his fiance talks him out of it since they both know the money is stolen. However, Khalil doesn’t believe he’s actually changed his mind, so he decides to kill Sohraab; and since Sohraab has promised Taavus to not get engaged in a fight, gets shot and passes away.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Sirus Alvand

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