Shabe Aftabi

Shabe Aftabi (1977)

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Shabe Aftabi – فیلم شب آفتابی

Nosrat and Ghavam are two friends from the old days. When they meet each other again, they both have some problems. Nosrat cannot reach his beloved girl Leila because of a man called Soleiman, and Ghavam who believes that his uncle has killed his father, tries to take revenge. They make a deal to go and kill them one instead of another. After a while, Ghavam informs Nosrat that he has killed Soleiman and Nosrat tells that he has killed Ghavam’s uncle too. Police fails to reach a conclusion in the investigations but after a while when Ghavam tries to leave the country, Nosrat sees Soleiman alive. Nosrat goes to Ghavam to kill him but police arrests him before he goes into action.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Sirus Alvand

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