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Tapesh TV is a Persian-language television network that broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, entertainment, and cultural programs. The network is based in Los Angeles, California, and reaches viewers across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.


Tapesh TV was founded in 2003 by Masoud Jamali and has since become one of the most popular Persian-language television networks in the world. The network’s programming is aimed at Persian-speaking audiences and covers a wide range of topics, including news, politics, sports, entertainment, and culture.


One of the network’s most popular programs is its news broadcast, which covers both domestic and international news from a Persian-language perspective. The news program is hosted by a team of experienced journalists who provide in-depth analysis and commentary on the day’s top stories.


Tapesh TV also offers a range of entertainment programs, including talk shows, cooking shows, and music programs. One of the network’s most popular entertainment programs is “Haft,” a talk show that features interviews with celebrities, politicians, and other influential figures from the Persian-speaking world.


In addition to its news and entertainment programming, Tapesh TV Live is also known for its cultural programs, which explore the rich history and traditions of Persian-speaking cultures. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including literature, art, music, and dance.


One of the most significant contributions of Tapesh TV to the Persian-speaking community is its commitment to preserving and promoting the Persian language and culture. The network offers language instruction programs that teach Persian to non-native speakers, as well as cultural programs that celebrate the rich history and traditions of Persian-speaking cultures.

Tapesh TV is also actively involved in promoting the integration of Persian-speaking communities into the broader society. The network has sponsored a range of community events, including cultural festivals and charity events, that bring together Persian-speaking and non-Persian-speaking individuals to celebrate and support one another.


Overall, Tapesh TV has become an essential resource for Persian-speaking audiences across the world. The network’s commitment to providing high-quality programming that informs, educates, and entertains its viewers has made it a valuable source of information and entertainment for millions of people. Additionally, its focus on preserving and promoting Persian language and culture has made it an important contributor to the Persian-speaking community’s identity and heritage.


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