Yek Esfahani Dar Sarzamine Hitler

Yek Esfahani Dar Sarzamine Hitler (1976)

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Yek Esfahani Dar Sarzamine Hitler – فیلم یک اصفهانی در سرزمین هیتلر

Manijeh, who came to Munich in search of work, becomes enmeshed in Arsalan’s deception. Arsalan is an Iranian cabaret owner in Munich. She tries her best to get rid of him, but she fails. Meanwhile, Mirza Baqer gets acquainted with another Iranian who has traveled to Germany to buy a car. With the help of each other and after a few stories, they introduce Arslan to the Consulate of Iran in Germany. At the end of the story, Manijeh returns to Iran along with Mirza Bagher.The story is about the journey of a few kids and their teacher to the north of the country. The kids ask their teacher to tell them a story during the drive and the teacher tells the story of sweet granny and rolling pumpkin.

  • Language: Persian
  • Writer: Ahmad Najibzadeh - Nosratolah Vahdat

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